Eating Meat as an Ethical Issue.

With an expanding global population comes an increase in the amount of meat we consume. It is predicted that the consumption of meat is supposed to increase by 50% in the next 5 years. As a result, the process of farming animals to eat is becoming more expensive. Instead to going about this problem in an ethical way, predominantly Europe and North America are slaughtering animals in inhumane ways as a means to save money (Singer, 2015).

Animals are experiencing horrific and traumatic deaths so that we can eat. In my opinion, just because a species is less inelegant than us, doesn’t mean we should take advantage of them in such unethical and cruel ways.

Most of us have heard about the lifestyle of a cage chicken. Multiple chickens are squashed in a cage with no room at all to move around. The stronger chickens peck the weaker ones to death. Something has been done about this. The public has been notified and we now have the option to purchase farm eggs from chickens that have room to run around and live a satisfying life. What about other animals that are being treated cruelly?

If you think the bacon you had for breakfast the other day came from a healthy pig that has lived a happy, long life, you are being extremely naive. In its natural environment, the big is a beautifully natured and intelligent animal. Prior to giving birth, the pig will create a bed for its young made out of leaves as a means to make them as comfortable as possible. Factory farms in Europe and North America keep the female pig in a box that doesn’t even have enough room to step backwards or forwards. The pig gives birth on a hard concrete floor where the piglet is taken away as soon as possible so that she can become pregnant again (Singer, 2015). I don’t know about you, but I have been turned off my dinner!

This kind of cruelty is only spreading to other places around the world such as China and India. It’s our job to put a stop to such disgusting behavior. Stop buying and supporting factory farming products, it’s our decision.


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